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For those who want more...

Imagine being the person who inspires, who carries the torch, who ignites passion and innovation in others. Imagine being the leader that everyone would want to work alongside. This is exactly what the Innovative Leadership Certification offers you.

Redefining Leadership

This program is not your typical leadership course. Here, we step away from conventional leadership stereotypes and create an innovative path to forge impactful leaders. We are not here to give you magic formulas, but to help you discover your own leadership style that inspires and mobilizes.

A journey of self-discovery

The Innovative Leadership Certification is a journey of self-discovery. Here, you will explore your strengths, confront your challenges and cultivate a growth mindset that will allow you to excel in an ever-changing world.

Transform your approach, inspire your team

This program is not only about you, but about how you can inspire and motivate your team. You will learn how to appreciate people for their unique value, how to foster a collaborative environment and how to mobilize your team towards common goals.

Innovative leader: the future of leadership

What does it mean to be an innovative leader? It means breaking the conventional mold and daring to lead differently. It is someone who values people over numbers and who understands that an effective leader is one who can inspire and mobilize his or her team towards a common goal. He is a leader who dares to be different, who embraces innovation and who is willing to learn, grow and change to make a positive difference in the world.

Do you want to grow professionally?

Are you ready to change your perspective on leadership and become the leader you always wanted to be? Are you ready to be the person everyone wants to work with? If so, we invite you to discover the Innovative Leadership Certification. It's not just a program, it's a transformation of your leadership and yourself.

Innovative Leadership Certification: Become the leader you always wanted to be. Welcome to your professional development.

Frequent questions

What is ONLIFE?

The ONLIFE format combines live and recorded online training and coaching sessions throughout the program. The advantage of this modality is that you decide the level of intensity you want in the program, during a year you can accelerate or slow down, according to your specific needs. No one pushes you, but we are looking out for you, we adapt to your pace of life and you decide how to 'climb your mountain'.

What is the Innovative Leadership Certification?

The Innovative Leadership Certification is one of the three pillars of the INUSUAL MBA. It focuses on developing your leadership skills and your ability to innovate and lead change, all from a human and people-focused perspective.

Do I need to have leadership experience to take this certification?

No, this certification is designed for both experienced leaders seeking new perspectives and techniques, as well as those aspiring to leadership roles who wish to develop their skills in this area.

How long does it take to complete the Innovative Leadership Certification?

Time may vary depending on your pace of study and availability, but on average, most of our participants complete the certification in a period of 3 to 6 months. In fact, you can choose from three different paces of progress. See the information guide for more details.

What type of content does the Innovative Leadership Certification cover?

This program covers a wide range of topics, including personal leadership, change management, creativity, effective communication, strategic decision making and much more. All focused on how you can become the leader everyone would want to follow.

Can I take the Innovative Leadership Certification without committing to the full INUSUAL MBA?

Yes, you can enroll in the Innovative Leadership Certification independently. However, to earn the UNUSUAL MBA, you must also complete the other two certifications: Innovative Teams and Innovative Organizations.

How is the program conducted and is it completely online?

The training is delivered through a combination of online sessions, and is open to face-to-face meetings, mentoring and hands-on activities. We believe in the importance of blended learning (we call it ONLIFE*) for a complete and effective integration experience.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes, at the end of the program you will receive a Certification in Innovative Leadership, which will indicate that it is the first cycle of the MBA INUSUAL and that you can integrate in your professional profile on Linkedin as an authenticated accreditation. This demonstrates your commitment to your personal and professional development, and validates your innovative leadership skills.

What is the accreditation value of the INUSUAL Certification?

The INUSUAL Certification provides an important differential value in terms of rigor, international reputation, transversality and practical knowledge.

The Program brings together the best tools and methodologies, developed from the experience and knowledge of recognized experts from the best universities and international business schools, among them: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, IESE or ESADE. INUSUAL has contrasted, and can confirm, the effectiveness of such tools and methodologies, based on its own experience, working directly with top international companies.

The lack of homologation is not a limitation for INUSUAL, but an advantage that allows it to maintain its innovation and agility. This decision is in line with our philosophy of providing dynamic, cutting-edge training that meets the changing needs of the labor market. The person certified by INUSUAL accredits a theoretical and practical background that is highly relevant to today's organizations.

Furthermore, non-certification in no way implies a lower quality of training or recognition of the INUSUAL MBA. More and more companies value creativity, adaptability and entrepreneurship in their employees, and a program like the INUSUAL MBA, which stands out for its constant updating, can be even more attractive for those seeking to differentiate themselves in today's competitive business world.

Do you have any further questions?

We recommend that you download the informative guide by clicking on the button on the right. If after reading it you still have any doubts, you can ask your question in the information space of the program. And if you prefer to do it privately, you can contact us here. from here.

The Innovative Leadership Certification is for you if you...

  • are looking to grow beyond your comfort zone. You want to challenge your own perspectives, overcome your own limits and discover new ways of thinking and leading.
  • are willing to take an inward journey. You are prepared to look inside yourself, to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, your values and beliefs, and how they influence your leadership.
  • want to become the person everyone would want to work with. You are not satisfied with being an efficient leader, but aspire to be an inspirational leader who motivates people to do their best.
  • value authenticity. You are willing to lead from your true self, not from a mask or a version of what you think a leader should be.
  • are willing to learn not only about business, but also about people. You understand that leadership is not just about strategy and execution, but also about human relationships.

If you identify with these points, then the Innovative Leadership Certification is made for you. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation.

At the end of the program you will be able to...

  • ...understand and apply your own leadership style. You will have explored your own strengths, weaknesses and values, and how these influence your unique leadership style.
  • ...inspire and mobilize others. You will be able to motivate and lead others in a way that is authentic and effective, and that reflects your understanding of what it means to be an inspirational leader.
  • ...manage change with confidence. You will have the tools and mindset to lead in times of change, remaining resilient and focused even in the midst of uncertainty.
  • ...practice self-leadership. You will have learned to lead from the inside out, using self-understanding and self-discipline to manage your own actions and decisions.
  • ...cultivate strong, constructive relationships. You will be able to communicate effectively, resolve conflict and build positive working relationships that support your leadership goals.

By the end of the Innovative Leadership program, you will have the skills and mindset to lead with authenticity and effectiveness, and to inspire those around you to reach their full potential. You'll be ready to become the leader everyone wants to work with. Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery and growth?

This is what you will work with

Your company will only be innovative when its leaders are innovative. But what is an innovative leader? How does he or she behave? What are the habits he or she must integrate to inspire his or her team every day? In this program you will find the answers.

Course vs. program

It is not a course but a leadership coaching program with concrete learning about innovation. If you want to improve, you must first do some internal work on yourself.

Live sessions

In addition to all the video content of the program, the weekly live online sessions will allow you to solve doubts, as well as share and learn with the rest of the group members.

Downloadable material

More than eighty tools at your disposal, all of them downloadable, documented and contextualized so that you know when to use them in the most effective way.

Habit 1 - Breathe in

Your awakening

Discover yourself as a person
You will discover who you are as a will define what you want, the reason for your will identify what you have learned about yourself that you didn't know about yourself. You will describe what you need to create your new will intuit what will cost you the most and what you will need to work on.

Your purpose

what makes you get up in the morning.Define the purpose to which you want to dedicate your life.Identify what you have already achieved.Identify what you still need to work on.Decide which areas of your life you want to pay more attention to.

Your way

Plan your change
your travel strategy. Detect what you still need to clarify. You will formulate your objectives and key results and identify what you need to work on.

Your commitment

‍You will identify
your dominant motivator. You will think about how to feed it to increase your motivation. You will define what you can work on to have a more optimistic perception. Identify what might cause you to abandon your purpose. Anticipate the resources that will help you overcome critical moments. Decide how to act on your motivation. Visualize your goal 10 times bigger

Habit 2 - Breathe

The problem

Critical thinking
You will clarify and define the challenges you face. Understand your unique approach to creative problem solving. Learn to apply different perspectives to problem analysis. Leverage your strengths to overcome challenges.

The solution

Design Thinking
You will learn how to apply Design Thinking to your challenges. You will understand the importance of aligning internal operations with customer experiences. You will learn how to design emotional and meaningful experiences. You will know how to develop and test ideas quickly.

The value

Agile thinking
You will identify the main types of waste in your projects and learn how to minimize them. You will adopt agile thinking and mindset in your work. You will be able to deliver more value to your customers faster.

The benefit

Entrepreneurial thinking
‍You will clarify
and refine your value proposition. You will learn how to validate your business ideas in the real market. You will understand how to accelerate the growth of your business and make it sustainable.

Habit 3 - Conspire


Simplify the vision
‍You will understand
the need to create and reinforce clarity in an organization and how to do it. You will know how to communicate effectively to influence people and get results.You will identify the elements of organizational culture. You will learn to assume different leadership roles according to what your company and your team need and expect from you.


Earn trust
‍You will know
what skills and behaviors you need to develop to earn the trust of your team. You will be able to foster people's professional growth by showing genuine interest in them and using praise and constructive criticism. You will be able to assess your team's level of trust and apply the most necessary leadership practices. You will understand the business implications of a lack of trust and building trust will be one of your priorities.


Initiate change
You will learn the steps to follow to implement change in your organization and reflect on those that require more effort. You will know how to guide people in the change process, influencing their rationality and emotions. You will define actions that you can quickly implement to increase the intrinsic motivation of your team. You will set goals to improve your ability to naturally influence people.


Overcome resistance
‍You will have
a plan to overcome your resistance and resume an abandoned purpose or start a new one.You will design your 60-minute personal development morning routine.You will propose different objectives to improve your concentration on the task and avoid distractions.You will reflect on what techniques to apply to help your team overcome their resistance.

Habit 4 - Inspire


Lead by example
‍You will learn
the qualities and behaviors you need to be a more authentic leader. You will recognize your level of maturity as a leader and what you need to do to reach a higher level.You will identify opportunities to lead by example in your workplace.


Prioritize people
‍You will identify
areas for improvement to cultivate your professional relationships. You will have a plan to make your work environment more friendly.You will identify 5 actions to take with your team to make people feel they have your attention and respect. You will know how to visualize the influences that affect your project.


Cultivate energy
‍You will identify
what type of situational leadership is most appropriate now for each person on your team. You will know what you need to do to improve as an evolutionary leader. Decide to apply the GROW Method with at least one person on your team. You will design a plan to systematize individual conversations with your team.


Make things happen
‍You will identify
what you need to be a better transformational leader. You will concretize the habits you need to adopt to improve your efficiency. Identify areas in your business model that you need to clarify. You will know what you need to improve to be a leader capable of making things happen.

Habit 5 - Breathe


Mental balance
‍You will define
what to do to be more present in the here and now. You will understand the need to disconnect and know when to do it. You will know why you must balance reason and emotion. You will have a plan to maintain your mental balance and serenity. You will define which aspects of your attention management you should work on.


Physical balance
‍You will recognize
the need to pay special attention to your physical balance and its impact on your role as a leader. You will know what you are going to do to improve your physical balance.You will know how to promote the physical health of your team. You will know techniques to mitigate stress in your team. You will know how to improve your work environment to make it healthier.


Emotional balance
‍You will know
what to do to make your emotions your ally and not your enemy. You will analyze the 4 dimensions of emotional intelligence and you will know which one you should work on the most. You will know how to curb impulses and respond to your emotions in a healthy way for you and others. You will recognize the emotional intelligence capabilities that you should work on more. You will have a plan to lead from humility, at the expense of your ego. You will know how you can help the people in your team to improve their emotional intelligence.


Spiritual balance
‍You will know
how to increase awareness in your spiritual dimension. You will have a plan to help your team become more aware of their spiritual dimension. You will know what you should do to progress in your conscious leadership. You will propose an initiative in your company oriented to the common good. You will take the first step to improve the balance in your energy areas.

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Pere Rosales

CEO and Founder of INUSUAL

"I would love to join you on your journey of professional and personal growth. Your success is also my success.

Program Director

Innovative Leadership Consultant, Executive and Organizational Coach with over 20 years of success helping organizations of all types become more innovative.

He is also the author of: "Estrategia Digital", 9th edition Deusto (Grupo Planeta); and of "El Líder Inusual" available in Spanish and English.


Innovative Leadership Certificate Program

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Innovative Leadership Certificate Program

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Innovative Leadership Certificate Program

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Organizations that thrive in times of change are those that have professionals with an open mind, capable of thinking outside the box.

A magnificent and complete guide of tools to be able to identify your purpose and carry it through to the end by the path you set yourself and commit to. Know yourself, Improve yourself, Innovate, Lead, Inspire and also Rest. Be UNUSUAL.

Laura Lorenzo
Innovation Manager

"If you dare to challenge yourself and broadly understand what it is to be a leader in this day and age, this program is for you. This program is made for leaders who want to change the world and know that to do so they must change themselves first."

Eduardo Solis
Eduardo Solis
Executive Innovation

He has such a deep humanistic vision that he guides, both personally and as a group, with profound tools and knowledge towards a transition to an innovative leadership that should be in the purpose and DNA of any organization.

Almudena Cano
Customer Experience

A magnificent and complete guide of tools to be able to identify your purpose and carry it through to the end by the path you set yourself and commit to. Know yourself, Improve yourself, Innovate, Lead, Inspire and also Rest. Be UNUSUAL.

Laura Lorenzo
Innovation Manager

The five habits of the program are a call for useful transformation for people seeking impact.
The program requires from you the five senses, an open mind and has an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional character.

Jaume Alemany
VP Integrated Services

"If you dare to challenge yourself and broadly understand what it is to be a leader in this day and age, this program is for you. This program is made for leaders who want to change the world and know that to do so they must change themselves first."

Eduardo Solis
Eduardo Solis
Executive Innovation

It is a unique and experiential program, in which the integration of exceptionally treated contents is articulated with a learning process and group coaching.

Vanesa Núñez
Innovation Coach

Having just taken the introduction to the innovative leadership certification program, you realize that you are in for an exciting journey with a handful of exceptional people!

Urs Rothmayr
Intrapreneurship Consultant

Wonderful 10-week program where, through 4 habits, I have been able to learn, understand and put into practice methodologies and tools oriented to innovative leadership.

Elena Martin-Tereso
Project Manager

It is a unique and experiential program, in which the integration of exceptionally treated contents is articulated with a learning process and group coaching.

Vanesa Núñez
Innovation Coach

A program that gives you the twinning and the impulse to be and generate change from personal knowledge and towards the creation of high performance teams.

Anna Solé
Operations Service Directive