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100% ONLINE - 1st Edition
From April 22nd to May 31st 2024

Leading Innovation in your Organization

This course is designed for people who want to or are already leading innovation in their company and want to learn from other successful innovation managers.

It is specially designed for people who want to start a corporate innovation department, as well as for those who are already in the process and want to learn the step-by-step to take organizational innovation competence to the next level.

During the process you will learn together with more than 15 professionals who lead innovation in large international companies where you will learn to:

  • Understand how to manage an innovation department from start to finish.
  • How to create an innovation team and which profiles are the most suitable.
  • How to promote the first innovation projects and what methodology you need to create for it.
  • How to finance projects and what subsidies and grants we can access.
  • How to foster a culture of innovation oriented to cultural change and all the types of resources we have to do so.

Unlike other courses you can find on the same subject, this is a fundamentally practical course, full of content, not only theoretical, but of lessons learned and good practices that you can apply the next day in your organization.

Frequent questions

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at executives, managers, consultants and all types of people who want to lead or are already leading innovation in their company to learn how to create and structure their innovation department and obtain the best results.

What if I am not leading an innovation department?

It's not a problem. This course will give you practical tools from people who are working in an innovation department and wish they had received all these tools and resources when they started. Between all of them they will allow you to design what this use case would be like in your own company. All based on real cases and with experts who have done it before.

Why a Corporate Innovation Management course?

From 2009 until now there have been four cycles of innovation and now we are living the fifth wave of innovation in companies. In other words, managing corporate innovation is no longer a matter only for large companies, but also for medium-sized companies, and even for small companies that think big. Any company in any sector that does not innovate can be out of the market at any moment...

How is the course structured?

Throughout the 6 weeks of the course you will work on the four units that make up the course. Each of them is full of learning that will make you think, reflect and reconsider how to build an innovation system in your organization.

Each unit can be studied at any time and from anywhere, as it is accessible 24 hours a day through the INUSUAL Club platform. The content is asynchronous, and you also have a space in which to share your doubts, reflections and learning with other course participants.

After each unit, the course features a live meeting with Alexander Phimister and the innovation managers of that module, which will be recorded for later consultation. Likewise, after each unit, you will also be able to watch an interview that will be conducted with each of the participants.

Will I have a coach?

This course does not include coaching services, but if you need it, you can contact us, explain your needs to assess your specific case and propose the most appropriate professional to meet your needs.

What does this course offer me?

You will discover how to organize and run your innovation department from scratch and how to create an innovation system that allows you to scale your organization to the next level. All this, with people and case studies that are happening in real time.

What do I need to follow the course?

To follow the program you only need a browser with an internet connection. You can work from your computer and from any mobile device. The documents that accompany the study are available in PDF on the platform and we recommend that you download and print them, to increase the effectiveness of your learning. You can also re-watch the videos at any time, as you progress, as well as recordings of live sessions and interviews from the course.

What is the course agora?

In the exclusive course agora within the INUSUAL Club you will be able, if you wish, to share ideas, doubts, experiences and learning with the rest of the participants. We recommend that you do so. Sharing with other people reinforces and enriches your learning, facilitates your study and provides you with interesting contacts.
Most of your work will be personal and confidential, but the course is a collective experience. By participating, you become part of a group of professionals who are your fellow editors.

How much time will I have to dedicate to the study?

We recommend dedicating some time each day. Optimally, you should dedicate between 15-30 minutes per day. You should dedicate approximately two hours per week. Of course, with total flexibility, since, being an asynchronous course, the study work can be done whenever you prefer.

Can I contact the author personally?

In this case, the course does not provide for individual consultation time with Alexander Phimister, but you can post your questions and comments in the course agora and we will forward them to him so that they can be addressed in the live sessions.

How much time do I have access to the course?

You have indefinite time to access it, you will be able to review anything you need while you are still part of the INUSUAL Club. However, in that case you will still have your downloadable documents to consult them whenever you want.

How is the course evaluation evaluated?

At the end of this course you will have a digital certificate based on Blockchain technology that you can incorporate in your Linkedin profile as part of your education. The course does not have any kind of exam or test to pass, the mere fact of taking part in it and finishing it, entitles you to this certificate of participation.

Can this course be subsidized?

Yes, by having some of the sessions in person, you will be able to subsidize part of the course content through FUNDAE. Each case will be analyzed individually.

Course format

100% Online, also adaptable for companies in face-to-face mode

This course is composed of four didactic modules designed to be covered in an ideal time frame of four weeks, and a maximum of six weeks.

However, the content and pace of the course can be adapted to any type of organizational need.

Original Content

The material is designed, developed and taught by innovation managers. It is the result of their knowledge, implementations and learning based on The Book of Innovation .

Live sessions

At the end of each unit, there will be a live session with Alexander Phimister. For one hour, he will answer questions, resolve doubts and converse with those who have pre-registered for the call.

Downloadable material

In addition to the videos presented by the different managers, we offer downloadable documents with schematic and complementary information to have tools on how to implement innovation in the company.


  • For Managers, at an individual level
    It is ideal for people who are already, or want to lead innovation in their company, as well as consultants and CEOS of companies that want to promote an innovative culture in their organization.
  • In support of a corporate program
    The course proposes strategic topics with a clear vocation to be addressed from the day to day of the organizations.
  • For future innovation leaders
    This course is also ideal as a complement to the career plan of future leaders in organizations, as well as consultants or managers who have not yet been able to drive innovation within the company.

Course modules

Module I - Introduction to innovation

  • What is innovation and what is not.
  • What types of innovation are there?
  • What is the frame of reference.

Module 2 - The innovation strategy

  • Why we must understand the company and our environment.
  • The innovation team.
  • Innovation culture. Change of mentality in the company.
  • Change management.

Module 3 - Implementing innovation

  • Project portfolio management.
  • The design of the innovation process.
  • Business design.
  • Innovation with the user at the center.
  • Innovation Indicators and KPIS.
  • Financing tools for your department.

Module 4 - Internal innovation

  • Internal innovation methods
  • Intrapreneurship: Innovating through the talent of our employees
  • Challenge-based innovation. From problem to solution
  • Innovation in operations
  • Introduction to open innovation

You will learn about 16 real cases of corporate innovation selected and documented especially for this course:

  • Case study with Alexander Phimister
  • Case study with Albert Torruella
  • Case study with Mireia García
  • Case study with Carlos Solana
  • Case study with Álvaro Urech
  • Case study with Fran Ester
  • Case study with Núria Balogun
  • Case study with Oscar Gil
  • Case study with Marc Herrera
  • Case study with Oscar Julià
  • Case study with Mariona Sanz
  • Case study with Fernando Ozores
  • Case study with Javier Nieto
  • Case study with Pere Rosales

Course details
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100% Online
6 weeks
2h / week
+25 Videos:  
8 hours
Live sessions:  

14 Case Studies

You will learn about twelve case studies that have been analyzed and documented especially for this course by people who have lived through them and whom you will be able to ask questions.

Alexander Phimister

International consultant and course coordinator

Albert Torruella

Senior consultant in open innovation and disruption at ACCIÓ

Mireia Garcia

Director of Innovation at Grupo Hinojosa

Carlos Solana

Web3, Virtual economy & metaverse director at Mediapro

Álvaro Urech

Innovation Director at Alstom Spain and Portugal

Fran Ester

Resp. innovation and project acceleration at BSH

Nuria Balogun

Corp. innovation & transf. lead at Concentrix

Óscar Gil

Global senior Digital Innovation Manager

Marc Herrera

Innovation manager at SENER

Óscar Julià

Director of Innovation and Digitalization at SENER

Mariona Sanz

Head of innovation at BCN Supercomputing Center (BSC)

Fernando Ozores

Innovation and creativity expert CEO at Buenaidea

Javier Nieto

Partner and co-founder of Ovicuo Design

Pere Rosales

CEO and Founder

Alexander Phimister

International consultant in innovation strategy and communities

He is the coordinator of "El libro de la Innovación", edited by Libros de Cabecera together with more than 30 innovation managers from all over Spain.

Course Coordinator

Alexander Phimister is a consultant in ecosystem strategy, innovation and communities with companies in Europe and Latin America.

He leads several initiatives related to innovation. Among them, LAB3040 with the Cambra de Barcelona, Corporate Entrepreneus or Innovation Tech Leaders.

He is also coordinator and promoter of, El libro de la Innovación, from Libros de Cabecera together with more than 30 innovation managers from all over Spain.

He has recently founded his company to facilitate access to public funding for entrepreneurs and corporations, www.fundado.es.

He is a professor at the University of Barcelona - CETT, the University of Navarra, the International University of La Rioja and EINA as a professor of Master and Degree in Innovation.

He is a regular columnist in Via Empresa and InnovaSpain.

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Organizations that thrive in times of change are those that have professionals with an open mind, capable of thinking outside the box.

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. In this case, practice is worth 1000 theories. In this course you will find many cases, many tools and examples that we have applied ourselves. We are waiting for you inside...

Alexander Phimister

In this course you will learn how to understand what a product user really needs. You can have a unique technology and great business potential, but if you don't get what the user is looking for you will never be able to monetize your proposition. We will learn how to understand it, how to extract the submerged, and how to get to the root of what the user craves.

Fran Ester

As Albert Einstein said: The mind that opens to a new idea will never return to its original size. Sign up for our course and expand your mind!

Marc Herrera

William Pollard said: "Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be good enough for tomorrow." So, will you join us in relearning?

Álvaro Urech
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We are what we do every day, so excellence is not an act, but a habit.

- Aristotle