DEFINING concepts

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is based on inspiring, encouraging and motivating workers to innovate and create changes that help a company grow. This style is designed to give employees more room to encourage and use their creativity, think about the future of the company and find ingenious solutions to problems.

In addition, these workers will be prepared to become future transformational leaders through mentoring and training. For this process to be useful, leaders must possess several qualities, such as charisma, enthusiasm and communication skills. On the other hand, we must not forget that they must have the trust of the workers and, of course, believe in the objectives set.

Characteristics of transformational leadership

A transformational leader has a series of qualities or characteristics that make him/her different. They are the following:

  • He has skills to teach and call to action.
  • He is patient and measures the future in the long term.
  • He recognizes the good work done by his team.
  • He has a great ability to drive change in the company.
  • He promotes knowledge in the work team so that the company’s decisions are understood.
    Is able to create stimulating and motivating environments.
  • Can positively influence others.
  • Is confident in making decisions and is aware that he/she can make mistakes.
  • He/she attends to employees in a personalized way by giving feedback and advice.
  • Is a role model and a source of inspiration within the work team.
    Objectives and examples of transformational leadership

You should know that transformational leadership focuses on managing teams and increasing collaboration between the different employees of the company to create stable relationships. The main objective to be pursued is change through motivation. In addition, it is essential to establish common goals to be achieved by all.

Among the many examples of this type of charismatic and inclusive leaders, we must highlight Steve Jobs (co-founder and CEO of Apple 12 and major shareholder of The Walt Disney Company) and Elon Musk (founder and CEO of numerous successful companies).

However, we can find many other anonymous examples of transformational managers, such as directors who breathe new life into their company to improve its profitability. In this sense, technology companies often have bosses whose premise is transformation based on innovation and motivation.

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