Reinforce Competencies

We give you access to a continuous and informal learning community; with resources, templates, and other innovative leaders with whom to share experiences and learning.

INUSUAL — Club de Líderes Innovadores

Innovative Leaders Club

Making a change in mindset, or adopting a new leadership model requires more than just knowing how the theory works and being convinced that we want to integrate it. This club is the safe space for the development of anyone who wants to become the leader everyone would want to work with.

Circles of Trust

As members of the club, we also have access to circles of trust, formed by people with whom we discuss in complete confidentiality, the issues that concern us or hinder our development. They are facilitated by a professional prepared to get the best out of each session, which are generally conducted in an online format.

Monthly Courses and Challenges

Club members have a new online course every month, covering a topic related to their professional development.
They can also participate in monthly challenges, which are shared in the community, so they can measure their progress against that of other club members who have also joined the same challenge.

Methodological Guides

Halfway between a course and a downloadable document, the club develops content based on the needs of the community, on everything that arises and is considered relevant. Sometimes they are complemented with live sessions to solve doubts or provide input.

Downloadable Tests and Templates

The club has a constantly growing repository of resources, from where they can be freely downloaded and used in daily practice. In some cases there are also reviews of interesting books as a summary, with direct links to purchase them, and self-assessment tests.

Personalized consultations

Unlike a social network, in a club, there are no users, only clients. Any member of the club can access the organization to contribute ideas, suggest services, participate as a professional or consult a problem or need they have in their work. Every person counts.