Looking for talent

If you work in any of these disciplines: coaching, mentoring, training, and consulting for professional and organizational development, we are looking for you.

Do you want to be part of the team?

If you want to go to the next level and have access to the best customers, here you have a good opportunity. Join our Business Partner network at INUSUAL pro.

If your profile is selected, you will appear on our website as part of the team and our clients will be able to hire you.

The first thing we need is to find a way for us to get to know each other, we propose to do it through a video interview that adapts to your availability, and also to ours. It will serve as a first contact to see if we fit. Set aside about 15 minutes and click here when you want to do it.

Creating your profile on the platform is free and easy, just go to INUSUAL pro and select “Login” which you have on the top menu of this page on the right. You must register as a professional.

Once inside, add your photo (it must be landscape) and upload a video presentation (also in landscape) of the added value you provide to customers. You can record it with your cell phone in landscape and upload it to YouTube as hidden. Then copy the link and include it in the corresponding field that you will see in your profile.

Make a list of all the services you provide and that you think are interesting for our clients, fill in a description, upload photos and write down the prices of each of the services. You will have to add their prices, since all INUSUAL pro services are contracted and paid in advance through the platform only if the prices appear.

We will promote your profile and services to our clients. Once they book your services you will start receiving payments in your account. Of all the new business you generate through our clients, you will get 75% of the revenue. And if you provide the clients and they accept your invitations, you will get 95%.


Increased reputation

Not just any professional can be selected in INUSUAL pro, the mere fact that your profile appears on the platform, means a degree of recognition in the sector. Clients will see you, not as someone else, but as someone who has been selected for your human quality and the quality of your work.

Increased visibility

Have you ever stopped to think why fashion brands are present in a shopping mall next to each other, even though they are offering something similar? If they are all together, they gain visibility and the ability to attract customers. In this way, by enhancing the ‘mall’, they also enhance themselves. That is what happens in INUSUAL pro, the sum of all of them multiplies the results of each one.

No fixed costs

Being part of INUSUAL pro has no cost, it is totally free and there are no hidden charges when you register, we are partners and we are going to succeed, we invest in you, so you invest in us. If you don’t sell, we don’t earn, this way you only have variable costs and you don’t need to maintain a fee to benefit from the platform’s functionalities.

You name the price

You charge your own rate per session, or for packages of sessions, whether individual or group, or even training programs, when you set your prices, you must take into account the platform’s commission and the corresponding taxes. All prices are final, with no surprises for the client.

Freedom of movement

All services are provided through the platform, your deliverable is always online sessions and trainings arranged with clients. Either from the built-in video-call functionality, or if you want to link your Zoom account. This way you can work from anywhere, anytime. Either to earn extra income, or to dedicate yourself completely. You decide whether to accept the client’s assignment or not.

With passive income

In addition to selling live sessions, you can also design training programs, courses, workshops, and classes that clients can sign up for on their own, so you can combine them with follow-up sessions (individual or group). This way, while you sleep, your profile works.

You decide when you work

You have full control of your availability. You get more clients and assignments when you want them. You have a calendar where you can decide when to accept sessions, and you can synchronize it with your main calendar, so that when you have a blocked time for any reason, the platform does not offer it to clients.

You send personalized proposals

From the platform you can send proposals and quotes to your current or potential customers at no cost to you. This way you generate sales opportunities by defining ‘model’ products that you can adapt and send to your customers whenever you want.

You have your own blog and podcast

One of the features of your INUSUAL pro profile is that you can publish your own articles and podcasts on the platform, which will appear on the home page and will be signed by you. You will also be able to share them on your social networks and gain relevance in search engines. The more you share, the more you grow.

You receive recognition in your profile

Your clients will have the opportunity to write a review acknowledging your work if they wish, so you will gain reputation as you accumulate activity on the platform.

You have a supportive community

You can contact us 24 hours a day for technical assistance and support through the INUSUAl pro community of practice. There will always be someone to lend you a hand when you need it.

You simplify by doing what you like

As a guideline, the best experts can earn between one thousand and seventeen thousand euros on average each month by accompanying clients in their professional and organizational development challenges. Whether for you it is a complement to your income or your main activity, all you need to do is open your profile and start working on it.

You stop looking for customers, you start attracting them.

You enjoy your free time instead of spending it on marketing campaigns in search of new customers. You stop looking for clients and have them come to you and adapt to your availability. After all, isn’t that what happens when someone wants to hire an Inusual professional?