Effective Formats

We have proven which formats work best for relevant organizational change and we can adapt them to your needs.


They open the mind, awaken consciousness through powerful questions and practical examples.

Easy to Apply

They can be carried out online or in person, depending on the needs of the project.


They are fast-acting, as they are designed in weeks and can be executed without complications.

Organizational Change Program

Focused on involving the entire team of an organization in the development of its future, based on the lessons learned from the past, but creating a new collective horizon. People believe in what they believe in. If we involve them in designing the future, the result is spectacular, it generates commitment and activates the necessary energy to face the challenges.

Intrapreneurship Program

Most organizations talk about innovation as something they have integrated into their activities, but the truth is that people are busy exploiting the business, not exploring other forms of business. This program makes the whole organization aware that its ability to generate ideas and provide solutions is valuable and indispensable.

Inspirational Keynote

Sometimes we only have a small amount of time and budget available to inspire the team towards a more innovative attitude and closer to change. That is the ideal time to try this format, which can be either online or face-to-face, and can be a half-day, or a full day.

Practical Workshop

Theory is all very well, but unless people have the opportunity to put what they learn into practice, they will largely forget it in a matter of weeks. In that case we will have wasted an invaluable opportunity to achieve real learning about one of the key competencies. This format allows people to understand not only the why, but the how.

el otro lado de la innovación

30-day challenge

It takes more than a good topic and good video explanations to get people to want to continue in an online course. To do this, we propose challenges to participants to achieve in a month, based on small daily actions that they must document and share in a collaborative space. This makes their progress visible and increases adherence to the course in a surprising way.

Online Course

There are many types of online courses; there are boring ones, those that you have to do, almost by obligation. The truth is that all that effort is of doubtful effectiveness, since the participants forget the content in a few days. We take care of turning that around.

Anticipación estratégica

Self-diagnostic test

Sometimes we need to use data as a lever for change. For example: if we want an innovative organization, nothing better than the Basadur Innovative Profile to see it; if we want to know the potential of the teams, nothing better than the Belbin Team Roles; if we want to improve our leadership, nothing better than ‘The Leadership Circle.’ The key is to know which test to use, and how to use it.

Recommended Publication

This is the perfect complement to associate with any of the formats mentioned above. There is nothing better than a good book on the specific topic we want to develop with the team. In this way, it serves as a thematic axis. Workshops can expand on key concepts, debates can be held on some of the topics presented and infographics can be designed to memorize their learning. There is always a good book to recommend, the key is how to orchestrate it in the program.