DEFINING concepts

Business Coach

The business coach is the person who uses a set of methods and techniques to obtain maximum efficiency in the results, motivate workers and contribute to their personal and professional satisfaction.

You have to keep in mind that this type of coaching comes from coaches of high performance sports teams. In this sense, the techniques used have been adapted with the aim of helping managers and executives to increase their competencies and leadership skills. However, this orientation can be implemented for all employees regardless of their position in the company.

Experts in this type of accompaniment work closely with professionals in companies to prevent productivity from being affected by a lack of motivation. Among their functions, we can highlight the following:

Encourage employee motivation.
To give tools to resolve conflicts.
To improve communication techniques.
To increase productivity.
Achieve greater involvement in the workplace.

Through various procedures, the business mentor will detect the skills and qualities of workers to enhance them and achieve the proposed objectives. With this, the company seeks to achieve success by involving the entire workforce.

Where can we apply the business coach, examples

The business coach emerged in the nineties from the need for transformation in organizations, a time when leaders had to change their way of working in order to cope with globalization.

Business coaching is an ideal practice to promote learning and improvement of human resources. To do this, the coach and the individual have to collaborate to achieve a set of objectives based on an action plan.

Some examples where this type of coaching is used are the improvement of labor relations among employees, the increase of workers’ motivation or learning the use of tools to make the job much more efficient and productive.

As you have seen, a business coach is a very important element in any company that wants to grow and achieve its goals. If you would like more information, please contact us, free the talent of your organization!