The 10 Traits Of Great Innovators

The 10 Traits Of Great Innovators

Innovation is all about turning an idea into a new product or service. It is also the ability to reimagine and reinvent things that already exist. In today’s competitive business world, if you want your company to grow, you need innovative leaders (Inusuals) – leaders with the ability to transform ideas and turn them into assets. Innovative business leaders share ten characteristics:

1. They do things differently

To be creative is to do something that no one has ever done before or to do things differently. Great innovators embrace this philosophy, and they create a working environment that encourages employees to push boundaries and explore various solutions. 

2. They are outstanding leaders

An innovative leader commits to bringing value to the organization by hiring only people who are passionate about their work. They give their employees opportunities to grow, and they make sure each employee feels valued and respected.

3. They know collaboration brings innovation

Great innovators know that groundbreaking solutions never happen without the help of others. They build an active network of skilled people, organizations, and assets, and they look forward to collaboration, seeing it as an opportunity to identify weaknesses and threats. 

4. They value diversity

Innovators know that diversity is the key to running a successful organization. They know there is nothing more efficient than the combination of ideas that come from people with different backgrounds and different expertise. 

5. They ditch the high-control, low-trust leadership model 

Inusual leaders encourage their employees to develop the skills they need to move forward with their career. They don’t hold on to the “big scary boss” philosophy because they know that’s not how innovation happens.

6. They know innovation is constant

Innovation is not something that happens only once, and innovators understand that. They know organizations must never stop reaching beyond and above, continually searching for new solutions and innovating the way they do business.

7. They don’t pay attention to traditional business metrics

You cannot have a breakthrough if you continuously stick to tradition, and innovators are fully aware of this. They don’t care much about traditional business metrics or norms. They let their business success speak for itself instead. 

8. They push past conventional wisdom

Innovators always think outside of the box. In fact, they realize there is no box. They don’t let conventional restraints stop them from transforming the business world. 

9. They don’t take shortcuts 

If you want to innovate, you have to take risks, and you must not be afraid to go after complex solutions. Great innovators don’t care about shortcuts. They want to address every issue with care and high attention to detail, even if it involves taking high risks. 

10. They are an endless pool of ideas

Innovators continuously contribute new ideas, and they never stop brainstorming new possible solutions for the future. 

Innovation is not a one-time thing. It is a never-ending process which involves many different factors – but it all starts with great leadership; Inusual Leadership. Make sure you recognize great leaders in your company and keep them by your side.

Question to reflect

Do you know the Inusual Leaders in your organization? Are they able to inspire others and make more innovators?


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