Resources without Humans

Resources without Humans

bolis-laser Then I sent them this email with two files attached:

“Good afternoon,

Tell them that we have just made an order that appears at the bottom of this message and attaches a sketch of how it should be, as well as the logo in vector. Please respect the measures.

We look for directions to make the entrance.


Guess what happened? Well, after a few days I got the box with all the pens. To my surprise I opened it and saw this: IMG_0278 Astonished, I took out a good handful of pens from the box and I realized that they are all like this! The funny thing is that I did not have to explain it to anyone, just teaching the pen people in the studio (who did not know the story) burst out laughing.

Very little human resources

That afternoon I no longer had the strength to call the provider in question to ask what had happened. The next day I looked for the email sent (I almost doubted that I had done so) and found it. I actually sent it to the address that indicated the promotional letter and it had not been returned. The address was correct. Then I called the contact phone and got a person (very kind). In explaining what happened he began to try to justify what had happened saying “is that you have placed an order on the web, and that goes straight” How? -I asked- what does it have to do to go on the web so that nobody will watch what you put and produce this without further ado? After a few minutes, the person who attended me ended up admitting that maybe the process was very rigid and that it was not the first time I had passed … When he spoke about the company, he said: “there are many orders a day, this is very big, it’s a multinational …” I was not surprised to see that he was not able to say a phrase like “do not worry, this is a mistake, and I will take care of receiving the correct order as soon as possible. ” But no. The processes do not allow it when there is an error of this type it is because the client has not read the small print on the web – he said – makes it very clear.  The conversation was over in a few minutes and I got the idea That it was a lost cause. Does a service like this have a future? I think this simple anecdote is a good example of many such stories in which logical processes have not taken into account the human factor. It is not only very serious that at this point there are still webs that are not designed from the point of view of the user. The worst thing is that there are companies whose culture does not allow them to realize when they are making such mistakes. The problem is not to fail (we all do). The problem is to see the error and continue to believe that you are doing well. A question of self-reflection: what good is it that we put people to work that cannot think and decide for themselves? Is there a process in my organization where the client is not more important than the process itself?  ]]>

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