New Stage of INUSUAL

New Stage of INUSUAL

Today is my last day at íncipy. Fortunately it is not the effect of a crisis, but quite the contrary. This is a decision of which I have reflected much on, and that I informed my partners last April. I will leave my office and involvement in íncipy in order to take care of my own business.

Why am I leaving?

Because I believe that íncipy already has become greater and can continue growing without me. I am satisfied with the work well done, proud of having given a name and brand to the business for the last four and a half years.

Without a doubt, the best part of it has been working with such great people, and I won’t refer only to the team, as they are only the first level, but to the clients that have trusted us with the project since the first day. This is what I am going to miss most of anything, the good people with whom I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from each day.

And what am I going to do now?

I don’t know whether you agree, but I like to think that everyone has a ‘box of treasures’ where we put our best dreams and projects that someday we would like to see become a reality.

In my box there is one of those dreams that has been there since 1997, that I have taken some time to contemplate and enjoy, imagining what it could be someday. But until last April, I decided not to act on it. So as you can see, until next Monday, I’m going to be lucky enough to try something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. That in itself is good!

What is it?

Let’s begin with the name, the project as you can see, is called INUSUAL, the initial idea born in 1997. Soon you will be able to see all the details in this blog.

From it’s beginning, INUSUAL has been a meeting place for more than two thousand professionals in interactivity, it began as an email list, then a forum, then a portal, then a blog site, social networking (which still works) and we’ve even done face-to-face events in several countries. But the truth is that until now, it’s always been a half-executed project, but that changes completely today because from next January of 2014, this thing is serious.

In INUSUAL we believe that the world of work is changing, the work is no longer a place where you perform a number of tasks, but a place in which you achieve results. Companies that shine in the market, do so because they are made up of unusual people, people out of the ordinary who stand out because they do four concrete things very well:

  • Aspire: they are born entrepreneurs, even though they have never been entrepreneurs, they are curious, nonconformists. They learn very quickly and are passionate for what they do.

  • Perspire: they are tireless and know that the best results come only by the one who works hard, who is generous and participatory, and is engaged in any team and shares the best of what they have. They grow by sharing.

  • Conspire: they are innovative people therefore they resist the status quo, they are agile people who fight against bureaucracy, they fight against arrogance and want to better the world, they are moved by values that transcend the professional environment, and are aware that they are a minority and therefore conspire positively.

  • Inspire: they are very good at something concrete that adds value, they present themselves well and put their best foot forward, they are not elite, but normal people that know how to do something very well, the people around them often admire them for this reason.

Everyone knows someone unusual, even if you don’t always call them so. But, what if there were a system to identify, evaluate, assess, and hire unusual people? What would happen if being unusual was no longer outside the stamp of approval, which proves who wins and is allowed to shine in the market of creative innovation? It sounds good, right? If you have any comments, suggestions, or proposals, you have us here.

Written by Pere Rosales

Translated by Emily Smith, INUSUAL intern


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