Are we really focused on the client?

Are we really focused on the client?

Customer Centricity Many say they have an CRM, but few have relational plans for each of them. It’s an interesting subject to everyone, but few roll up their sleeves to deal with it, unless their competition has already done so. How long do you think you all can wait? Do you want to know how it’s applied to real life cases? Does it interest you to know the rules of success and the most common errors of failure to avoid them? Today we are going to reflect on this topic with the help of other businesses, such as ESADECREAPOLIS, our host, INFOCO y ORACLE. This is the agenda of the morning:

  • 09:30h – Reception and Welcome – ESADECREAPOLIS
  • 10:00h – “The client in the center, are we ready? – Pere Rosales (INUSUAL)
  • 10:30h – “CX Predictions” – Guillermo Prieto (ORACLE)
  • 11:00h – Networking Break
  • 11:30h – “The keys to the OmniCanal Experience” – Gaspar Lopez (INFOCO)
  • 12:00h – Practical cases – Angel Ortiz (ORACLE)
  • 12:30h – Debate, questions, and conclusion – Pere Rosales (INUSUAL)
For my part, I will speak about the paradigm shift in businesses centered on themselves or their products or services, and what it means to be centered on the client. I’ll give a few examples that I hope can illustrate the attitude and culture a business must have that’s centered on the client, something very easy to say, but certainly a little unusual in our market. If you would like the presentation, please leave me a comment at the end of this post near the chat and I will send it to you with pleasure to your email privately.

Selección de fotos

Here are the photos from the day, it has been a good experience, we have spoken of ‘customer-centricity’ and the major challenges organizations have to orient all of its activity towards the customer. Something that it said to work very well, but it’s really rare to see functioning in real life. Fortunately there are some good exceptions that inspire us and show us that it’s possible. It excites us to share and learn together. Written by Pere Rosales Translated by Emily Smith, INUSUAL intern]]>

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