7 Laboratories of Corporate Innovation

7 Laboratories of Corporate Innovation

corporate innovation lab is not something that can be improvised overnight. In fact, many organizations stay away from this model thinking that innovation cannot be cornered, but that innovation must be integrated into all areas of the company. However, for many companies, it has been and continues to be a way to accelerate innovation and generate new business models. He recently talked about corporate innovation and its multiple variants, as well as the seven insourcing models of corporate innovation. Today, I would like to share some of the ones that I consider most interesting:

Interesting examples

IBM Mobile Innovation Lab

A corporate corner for mobility and technology that experts use to develop new business models and test new technology with customers. You can see it here. screenshot

Phillips Design

Phillips views innovation from purely a design perspective and maintains a space where they actively explore new initiatives that they test with their clients. They recognize members’ accomplishments with awards, such as the Red Dot Awards, Webbies, etc. This has been working since 1925! screenshot

Lab 126 de Amazon

Devices such as the Kindle, Echo, Fire, etc. weren’t conceived due to causation. Since 2004, Amazon has decided to spark innovation by setting up laboratories in Cupertino, Boston, Seattle, and Sunnyvale. Thanks to these spaces, the culture of experimenting is something that has been instilled in the company, and the results have been great. You can see it here. screenshot

One Market Center de Visa

It’s been working since 2003, and it is focused on improving the collaboration of teams that work on the latest technology applied to the financial market. They work with alternative payment systems, security protocols, and integration with other systems. You can see it here. screenshot

Capital One Labs

Located in Washington, New York, and San Francisco, since 2012, Capital One has maintained the value of keeping the customer at the center of innovation processes. They use methodologies, such as Design Thinking, to come up with new services that allow them to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In addition, they serve to capture innovative talent and recruit based on qualities that look different or unusual. You can view it here. screenshot

Staples Labs

Located in Cambridge, San Mateo, Seattle, New York, and Vancouver, since 2012, Staples has distributed the responsibilities of three offices to focus on a corporate goal for each. Thus, Cambridge lab is the “Velocity Lab”, San Mateo is the “Innovation Lab”, and Seattle is the “Development Lab.” You can see it here. screenshot

Innovation Kitchen de Nike

I end with one of my favorites, not only for the brand itself, but for the degree of commitment that the company acquires with innovation where everyone recognizes that it is part of their DNA. In this case, I leave you with a video in which you will see a small report that I hope will be useful. https://youtu.be/YnWWHICvjl4 Question to think about: Could our organization have an innovation laboratory? Would it make us more innovative?]]>

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