The best course on the kind of Management that grows by making others grow.

From May 3 to May 31, 2023 - 2nd Edition

Humanistic Management

This is an author's leadership course, which wants to make people and organizations grow, from the type of Management that grows by making others grow.

  • Discover how to put people at the center of your organization.
  • Learn how to combine the results needed in the present while preparing for the future.
  • Start implementing real, sustainable, ethical and socially positive innovation.

Frequent questions

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at executives, managers, area managers, entrepreneurs or any other person interested in learning a new way of managing organizations through 'Humanistic Management'.

What if I don't have a team in my care?

This is not a problem. The participants are team leaders with different levels of responsibility, but also restless (unusual) people who, without having teams under their charge, but want to improve personally and professionally.

Why a Humanistic Management course?

People are the most important key to the success of an organization. The paradigm we use to navigate the complexity in which we live, drives us to adopt a series of principles and values that, without renouncing the achievement of results, put people at the forefront.

How is the course structured?

Throughout the 4 to 6 weeks of the course you will work on the four units that make up the course. Each of them is full of learning that will make you think, reflect and reconsider aspects that will have a positive impact on your organization.

Each unit can be studied at any time and from anywhere, since it is accessible 24 hours a day through the INUSUAL club platform. The content is asynchronous, although you have a space in which to share your doubts, reflections and learning with other course participants.

After each unit, the course includes a live meeting with Xavier Marcet, which will be recorded for later consultation. Likewise, after each unit, you will also be able to watch an interview that the author will have with a professional or manager to discuss topics that have previously been the subject of reflection in the videos of the unit.

Will I have a coach?

This course does not include coaching services, but if you need it, you can contact us and explain your needs so that we can evaluate your specific case and propose something that can meet your needs.

What does this course offer me?

You will discover how to put people at the center of your organization. You will learn how to combine the results needed in the present while preparing for the future, and you will begin to implement real, sustainable, ethical and socially positive innovation.

What do I need to follow the course?

To follow the program you only need a browser with an internet connection. You can work from your computer and from any mobile device. The documents that accompany the study are available in PDF on the platform and we recommend that you download and print them, to increase the effectiveness of your learning. You can also re-watch the videos at any time, as you progress, as well as recordings of live sessions and interviews from the course.

What is the course agora?

In the exclusive course agora within INUSUAL club you will be able, if you wish, to share ideas, doubts, experiences and learning with the rest of the participants. We encourage you to do so. Sharing with other people reinforces and enriches your learning, facilitates your study and provides you with interesting contacts.
Most of your work will be personal and confidential, but the course is a collective experience. By participating, you become part of a group of professionals who are your fellow editors.

How much time will I have to dedicate to the study?

We recommend dedicating some time each day. Optimally, you should dedicate between 15-30 minutes per day. You should dedicate approximately two hours per week, with total flexibility, since, being a synchronous course, the study work can be done whenever you prefer.

Can I contact the author personally?

In this case, the course does not include time for individual consultations with Xavier Marcet, but you can post your questions and comments in the course agora and we will send them to him so that they can be dealt with in the live sessions.

How much time do I have access to the course?

You have a total of six months from the start of the course, so when you finish it, you can review anything you need. After this period, your access to the course expires, but you will still have your transcripts to consult whenever you want.

How is the course evaluation evaluated?

At the end of this course you will have a digital certificate based on Blockchain technology that you can incorporate in your Linkedin profile as part of your education. The course does not have any kind of exam or test to pass, the mere fact of taking part in it and finishing it, entitles you to this certificate of participation.

Boost the innovation of your team and organization

You will learn from the prestigious consultant and writer Xavier Marcet, who shares with us his lessons learned throughout his career as a consultant in Strategy, Innovation and Transformation of organizations.


  • Leading in the midst of complexity
  • To avoid. Shrinking bosses
  • Rapid diagnostics, systemic thinking
  • Systemic thinking
  • Empathy with those we want to serve
  • Empathy (As a way of being)
  • To lead is to serve, not to serve oneself
  • Avoiding paralysis by analysis
  • Example of paralysis by analysis
  • Managing complexity without increasing it
  • Humble leaders
  • Do not spam yourself
  • Live session with Xavier Marcet
  • Interview with guest


  • Leading to influence
  • Leaders who do not learn
  • Building vision according to purpose
  • Purpose
  • Strategic thinking
  • The strategy is people
  • Strategic agility
  • Creating momentum
  • Momentum
  • Building joint operational syntheses to provide fluidity
  • Fluency
  • Communicating, defining narratives
  • Write the company
  • Live session with Xavier Marcet
  • Interview with guest


  • Leading to inspire
  • Leaders who only imitate
  • Learning ecosystem
  • Attracting talent requires talent
  • Half a step ahead
  • To innovate is to make an impact
  • Innovation and leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and innovative risk management
  • The risk is not to innovate
  • Live session with Xavier Marcet
  • Interview with guest


  • Leading to grow by growing
  • Inconsistent companies
  • Results-oriented, not excuses
  • Those who have time
  • Multiply through others
  • Sum of intelligences
  • Spaces of trust to exploit, explore and learn
  • Confidence perimeters
  • Being CEO of oneself
  • Managing Oneself, Peter Drucker
  • Empowering the community
  • Chains of inspiration
  • Building on respect and commitment
  • Creating a corporate culture
  • Closing video of the course. Leading in the organizations of the future

100% Online, also
adaptable for companies in face-to-face mode.

This course is composed of four didactic units designed to be covered in an ideal time frame of four weeks and a maximum of six weeks. However, the content and pace of the course can be adapted to any type of organizational need.

Original Content

The material is designed, written and presented by Xavier Marcet. It is the result of his knowledge, readings, press articles, conferences and experiences in his consulting firm Lead to Change.

Live sessions

At the end of each unit, there will be a live session with Marcet. For one hour, he will answer questions, resolve doubts and converse with those who have previously registered for the session.

Downloadable material

In addition to the videos presented by Xavier Marcet, he offers downloadable documents with schematic and complementary information to learn how to manage complexity.


For Managers, at the individual level

It is ideal for people in charge of teams in organizations to serve as inspiration, guidance and discovery of the most appropriate way to apply humanistic management.

In support of a corporate program

The course proposes strategic topics with a clear vocation to be addressed from the day to day of the organizations. It can be very useful as a support and learning context for leadership, innovation or organizational transformation programs.

For future leaders

This course is also ideal as a complement to the career plan of future leaders in organizations, as well as entrepreneurs or managers of small businesses who want to change their organization and do not yet have the resources or time necessary for larger projects.

Course details
960 + VAT
100% Online
4-6 weeks
2h / week
+50 Videos:  
8 hours
Live sessions:  
4 x 1h
6 months

Xavier Marcet

Consultant and Writer

One of the most recognized consultants in Strategy, Innovation and Transformation of Organizations.


With more than fifteen years of experience with his consulting firm Lead To Change, Marcet is a specialist in Strategy, Innovation and Organizational Transformation. He works from Barcelona, Madrid, Boston and Santiago de Chile with a consistent portfolio of clients, including large companies, SMEs, administrations and universities.

Marcet is a professor at the Barcelona School of Management of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), president of the Barcelona Peter Drucker Society and a contributor to La Vanguardia, where he publishes his viral articles on Management.

Among his most outstanding books are Esquivar la mediocridad (2018) and Crecer haciendo crecer (2021).

The COURSE in figures


A magnificent and complete guide of tools to be able to identify your purpose and carry it through to the end by the path you set yourself and commit to. Know yourself, Improve yourself, Innovate, Lead, Inspire and also Rest. Be UNUSUAL.

Laura Lorenzo
Innovation Manager

"If you dare to challenge yourself and broadly understand what it is to be a leader in this day and age, this program is for you. This program is made for leaders who want to change the world and know that to do so they must change themselves first."

Eduardo Solis

A lucid professional
I know, admire and value Xavier Marcet as a leader and as a human being. In addition to being competent and active, he has a curious and attentive mind that helps him shed light on deeper, often hidden patterns.

Henry Chesbrough

He contributes what he applies in his daily practice
Marcet is an active thinker, he is a doer, and this is very welcome, since the task that we will all have to face in the coming years is to "get down to work", to roll up our sleeves.

Alfons Cornella

The five habits of the program are a call for useful transformation for people seeking impact.
The program requires from you the five senses, an open mind and has an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional character.

Jaume Alemany

"If you dare to challenge yourself and broadly understand what it is to be a leader in this day and age, this program is for you. This program is made for leaders who want to change the world and know that to do so they must change themselves first."

Eduardo Solis
Eduardo Solis
Executive Innovation
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